Summer 2021 for percussion quartet and electronics (2018/2021)

Norden for soprano, guitar, accordion and electronics (2020)

Symphony for a Tunnel for 144 musicians (2019)

w-burg_crossing for electric guitar, percussion and electronics (2018)

Winter for Bohlen-Pierce electric guitar and electronics (2017)

Trumpen for three improvising musicians and three laptop performers (2017)

Carnage for flute, bass clarinet, viola, cello and percussion (2016)

aɪd laɪk tuː meɪk ə ʃɔːt ˈsteɪtmənt for ensemble (2016)

Disposable Me (2014)

Burning Petrol for an ensemble of Bohlen-Pierce instruments (2014)

noiwont for 19-tone trumpet and electronics (2014)

Mind Trip for electronic ensemble (2000/2013)

In ein anderes Blau for soprano, ensemble and tape (2012)

Swan Song for cello, percussion and multimedia (2011)

Just Her – Jester – Gesture for Hugh Tracy alto kalimba and electronics (2010/2015)

Schwer…unheimlich schwer for bass clarinet, viola, piano, percussion and electronics (2009)

Blueprint for soprano saxophone, electric guitar, double bass, piano, percussion, electronics and video (2009)

Radio Music (adaptation of John Cage’s Radio Music for network ensemble, 2008)

Beyond the Horizon for 2 Bohlen-Pierce clarinets and synthesizer (2008)

Ivresse ’84 for violin and laptop quartet (2007)

Corpus Callosum for ensemble (2006)

Tsunami  (2006-8)

  • Version for recorder and live electronics
  • Version for toy piano and live electronics
  • Version for recorder and toy piano

Carillon Cologne for MIDI-fied carillon (2004)

Light Blue for piano (2001-2004)

StoryTeller for percussion and interactive media. Collaborative work with Stephan Froleyks (2001-2004)

Exit for violin and live electronics (2001)

Liebeserklärungen for one or two YAHAMA Disklaviers (2000/2004)

Re: Guitar for microtonal guitar (1999)

Der Sprung – Beschreibung einer Oper. Opera (1994-1998)


  • Version for saxophone, electric guitar and double bass (1993)
  • Version for flute (or clarinet), violin, piano, vibraphone and cello (double bass)

Nacht for string quartet (1993)

Spuren in der Kälte for accordion, plucked instruments and electronics (1991/95)

Fingerprints for piano (1992-93)

Klangmoraste for chamber orchestra (1990)

Two Cartoons for Disklavier (1989/2006)

Heptadecatonic Drops for MIDI instruments and computer in 17-tone equal temperament (1989/90)

Xylis & Phloë, Leibeslied for double brass quintet (1989/2000)

SLEEPLESSNESS for flute(s), narrator ad lib. and live electronics (1988/1997)

Die Stimmen der Sirenen for saxophone quartet and tape (1986)

Notorisch-Motorisch for string quartet (1985)

LogaRhythmen für Klavier (1983)

Drei frühe Lieder (1981-84)

Verzweigungen (1979-81)

Vier Charakterstücke (1979/81)


Drei Allegorien von C.D. Friedrich (2006)

Flying Cities. Installation (2003)

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