1. Hello,

    I cannot find the download page for your dispenser object and your tonality project. The links seem to be missing.


  2. Hello, I am a saxophonist, composer and teacher at the Superieur Academy of Music of Strasbourg-HEAR. I am a good friend of Asya Fateyeva and Stepan Simonian. They suggested me to reach you because it seems that our research around multimedia performance and sciences may have something in common. Stepan and Asya especially told me about a very special sound system you manage at the Mulskihoschule in Hamburg and for which you are open to proposals, collaborations. I currently have a PhD student whose work may be of interest to you. Here is the address of my website as well as that of my student Yui Sakagoshi. I am at your disposal to study together possible futur collaborations. Sincerely yours, Philippe Geiss https://philippegeiss.com
    Yui Sakagoshi https://www.yuisakagoshi.com

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