One of my early compositions written at age 23, featuring “algorithmic” music in a style somewhere between Keith Jarret’s Cologne Concerto and Messiaen’s Cantéyodjayâ. Listen to a live recording performed by Phillip Vogler.


Creation/revision date: 1983

Duration: 4’30”

Premiere: Darmstadt, March 27, 1985 by Carola Köhler

Publisher: peermusic



In “LogaRhythmen” for piano, Georg Hajdu from Cologne confronted the irrational elements with “logos.” An excellent title. The steady, wave-like eighth-note texture in Hamel’s or Steve Reich’s manner was executed with small details, minutely displaced. The speculative ostinato effect did not fail to impress. The relationship to jazz can not be denied.

Darmstädter Tageblatt, March 3, 1985.