In ein anderes Blau (2012)

for soprano, bass flute, contrabass clarinet (or bass clarinet), violin, viola, cello, double bass, piano, percussion and tape.

The piece is based on two poems by Rolf Dieter Brinkmann: Gedicht and Die Bombe; the composition’s ternary form being based on numbers 2, 5 and 3. The first part exhibits fractal nature by maintaining the same proportions on several temporal levels. The second part is derived from the spectral analysis and recomposition of a short section from an orchestral work of the early spectral era; in this part the tape and the instrumental parts featuring the same pitch material are superimposed. The third part is based on the transcription of an improvisation on the word Blau by Nicole Ferrein, the singer of the ensemble Ensemble Tra I Tempi which the premiered the piece on June 16, 2012. I used the DJster application to compose an accompaniment which also derives from the proportions 2/3/5.

In ein anderes Blau was commissioned by the Kölner Gesellschaft für Neue Musik (KGNM).

Recording of performance by the Volumina Consort at the Hamburger Klangwerktage 2012 on October