Macaque is an application for conversion of SDIF files (generated by applications such as SPEAR orAudioSculpt) into sheet music. Macaque is using MaxScore to generate and display the following scores:

1. 32-voice transcription of sinusoidal tracks

2. Display of the harmonic content of a selected frame (partials with relative dynamics and cent deviation)

3. Rhythm and pitch detection via segmentation of the sum-of-amplitude curve (modes are rhythm, fundamental, salient pitch, centroid, median, and chord)

The processed scores can be played simultaneously with the original SDIF file as well as copied and pasted into other MaxScore files an/or exported to MusicXML for further post-processing in Finale or Sibelius.

A graphical function editor allows the time-dependent manipulation of various parameters such as amplitude, temporal trajectory, spectral stretching and transposition.

An older version for Max 4.6 sans MaxScore is also available for download. The current version is still in beta stage; so expect a lot of changes in the future.

CAVEAT: You need to have a valid license to run MaxScore. Get your 30-day trial license here and use the JMSL_License_installer.jar license installer (included in the Macaque release) to activate MaxScore.



Transcribed rhythm with median pitches
Transcribed sinusoidal tracks


Macaque is now part of the MaxScore installation.