Computer Analysis

His sentence was analyzed by a computer according to following steps:

  1. Total duration of sampled sentence is 5.4 seconds
  2. The sample was subject to a McAulay-Quatieri type of Fourier analysis (FFT; Fast Fourier Transform).
  3. A FFT frame size of 10 msec yielded 540 continuous spectra with 100-200 partials. Their temporal succession was expanded by a factor of 1000 to Der Sprung’s total duration of 90 minutes.
  4. Of the over 200 spectral components, only the 24 strongest were retained and used as pitch material.
  5. After time stretching, each frame’s duration is 10 seconds. Thus, the succession of the 540 frames, i.e. 540 chords, creates a precision clockwork determining the harmonic rhythm of the entire opera.

After analysis the sentenced was resynthesized with 16 partials and transposed down by approximately 150 cent.

Listen to a MIDI version of the sentence with time stretching (1000x) with 8 partials.
Caveat: The duration of this example is 90 minutes long; the duration of the entire opera

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