1. Akt – 3. Szene

Heute habe ich beschlossen

In the third scene (which includes a section with four female voices) two compositional approaches were taken and their results transformed into a popular musical idiom: A spectral one, utilizing further analysis material, and a connectionist one, featuring a set of neural networks. In the latter approach the networks were trained to either quotations from historical or popular sources or to the spectral material itself.

This scene is based on the syllables „sch-rei-ben,“ the „sch“ representing an independent sonic event. Since „rei“ is further divided in two distinctive parts, the overall form is quaternary.

First part

The first part consists of the playback of the same word „schreiben“ stretched by a factor of 220 accompanied by saxophone, electric guitar, double bass and percussion. The gigantic expansion of the short sample reveals microscopic pitch developments such as the long portamento from c# to g and yields the pitch material for the acoustic instruments.

Second part

After a short transition, a fast section unfolds featuring slowly arpeggiated spectral chords in ascending motion. The spectral pitches are reached by suspensions that resolve either upwards or downwards.

Third part

Fourth part

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